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Construction company in Mallorca

As partner for ecological building in Mallorca we provide a complete service from the beginning.

Is it your dream to own a property in Mallorca for your own use or for investing – We as construction company in Mallorca turn your dream into reality.

Together with our network of partners we are creating an “oasis of well-being” for you in an ecological way. Decide for “Green Housing” and contribute actively improving our environment.

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For your own use or for investors

Taking care of all necessary services building for your own use or for investors


Construction company with “Full-Service”

Searching for plot of land, building permit, planning, organisation of the whole construction process, building inspection, furniture and much more…


Turnkey and completely furnished

Tell us your wishes and ideas – we advise you until handing the key over and turn your ideas into reality.

“Full-Service” construction company for your own use and investors!

Building and living in Mallorca

Our services – Your advantage

Spain is like every other country. Before you start building you have to complete various bureaucratic measures.

As Spain is part of the EU going through bureaucratic obstacles is much faster and easier than outside of the EU.

We take care of every single step for you.

You would like to build ecological in Mallorca but you don’t have a plot of land.

It doesn’t matter where you want to build in Mallorca. In the middle of the island or next to the sea – we find an appropriate plot of land for your dream home.

You want to use your property for yourself?

Regarding your wishes and ideas we are planning your home together with Spanish architects. On request we are furnishing your home completely.

Once we are finished you can move in and enjoy your dream home immediately.

You are an investor and you would like to build ecological in Mallorca?

We have different “property packages” for investors. In this way we guarantee that you as investor get the best rate of return possible of your investment.

We will gladly manage the sale after completion of the property.

Building and living based on the model of nature creates a high quality of life and increases your comfort. Building ecological brings a piece of nature into your home and you help our “harmed planet” to recover.

Wood and wooden materials in your roof, wall and floor ensure healthy living and security. Wood as raw material is innovative and has proved his value for many years in countless buildings throughout the world.

Natural building systems are ecological building products suitable for every building project. The wooden construction is based on very light and stable components and is particularly energy efficient. Based on the model of nature wooden beams and laminated veneer lumber combine resilience and stability with highest efficiency.

With wood fibre and cellulose insulated buildings provide a high thermal capacity and a low thermal conductivity at the same time. This results in a pleasant cool interior in summer and a well-tempered home in winter.

Due to the more flexible and simple ecological construction out of wood the construction period is much shorter than “conventional construction” out of stone and concrete.

Therefore you can use your property faster or as investor sell your property faster.

A blanket estimation of the costs for an ecological building is not possible.

Many factors like living space, facilities, materials, furniture, etc. influence the costs.

In general you can say that ecological building with the raw material wood raises the energy efficiency and reduces the construction period up to 50%. Therefore it is cheaper than building conventional with concrete and stone.

We would be pleased to submit an individual offer for your dream property in Mallorca.


You have questions and you would like to have more information about the topic “building ecological in Mallorca”? We would be pleased to help you with any questions you may have.

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